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The novel Capsul in Sant Jordi

Capsul will be presented at the Diada de Sant Jordi 2020. The novel, written 
and illustrated by Javier Ghoma, has a total of 168 pages and more than one 
hundred photos telling the story on each page. The images represent thirty 
children's actresses from 9 to 12 years old, carrying futuristic style weapons 
of up to three different colors.
A year ago, Ghoma entered as an independent novelist in N.A.C, the organization of 
Self-Edited Novelists of Catalonia. Founded in 2019, under the direction of the writer 
Joaquín Gallart in Barcelona. In April of the same year, the Diada de Sant Jordi took 
place in which the six novelists presented their own book, Rudo being the author's 
first literary work. Recently, N.A.C announced its return to the celebration 
in 2020, where Capsul will be sold alongside the other independent works. 

But what is the plot of Capsul and what makes it so special, so that it deserves 
a position in Sant Jordi? The history of Capsul takes place, on a large plot located 
in the mountains, far from the urbanization. There, a team competition is held in 
which more than thirty girls will take part in a water gun shooting. 

For six days they will be free to live and play on that plot


Without adult supervision, and with a list of rules as the only warning. Each will develop a behavior, depending 
on the situations that may happen, when the presence of adults disappears within reach.

The wait has come to an end. Finally you know the final date of the final result. 
If you want to see a totally new and original story, full of action, drama and 
comedy, you can not miss the premiere of Capsul in Sant Jordi 2020.

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